Allan Levene, Republican candidate

Allan Levene

Please donate. It’s not too late.

Thank you

I cannot fully express my thanks for all of your support, ideas and suggestions over the past year leading to yesterday’s election. I didn’t win, but that’s not the end. Count on it.

Election cycles are expensive, and I was grateful for each and every donation. They all counted. Just contacting over 400,000 voters in the 1st district so they know you are a candidate is very expensive, and was substantially out of my reach this time.

,My ideas will help future generations so they can experience America at its finest, offering opportunity and a golden future for all.

This nation is changing for the worse and I had hoped to fix that by representing Hawaii.

It’s still not too late to contribute to the campaign committee through PayPal. Once again, thank you.

I’ll be back.

Allan Levene for Congress, Hawaii Committee
820 West Hind Drive, # 240-552, Honolulu, HI 96824

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