I am your common sense candidate. No fluff, just common sense.

The reason for lack of jobs is lack of confidence in our economy. The reason why low paying jobs are most of the ones offered is that there is a surplus of candidates. It’s simple supply and demand.

I watched a HBO documentary, Redemption, recently about people who collect five-cent aluminum cans in New York City so they could survive. One used to be a top saleswoman for IBM! It was hard to believe, but anyone can fall because of lack of opportunity. You may become one of them this decade.

I expect that the U.S. dollar will collapse within five years, because of Washington’s insane spending, unless I do something about it. If elected, I will.

Click the “What I’ll Do” link above to see what needs to be done.

If it collapses, you may lose your job, or you won’t be able to find one. We’ll also have a dramatic increase in inflation, as the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. Why? To try to stop people from dumping U.S. dollars and buying Swiss francs and other “safe” currencies.

Your house will be worth much less, because it’s all about supply and demand. There will be many people dumping their homes, and few buyers. If you thought that the almost collapse of about five years ago was bad, this will be much worse.

With your support I can change that, so you’ll have a well paid job and will only be unemployed because you don’t want to work. It will take a single bill to be passed in Congress, and signed into law to make the change.

That will take a little effort on your part. It’s called Six Degrees of Separation. It’s the concept that you are only six people away from reaching anyone on the planet. Click the link and you can read about it. In today’s language, it’s called Going Viral.

I have tremendous exposure on a global scale already. That’s because I have solutions for providing plentiful jobs in America, a plan to get congresspeople to step down from office without needing a Term Limits Amendment, a solution to the eternal Israel-Palestinian conflict, a way to end the Syrian Civil War, one that is killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians without an end in sight and more. Lot’s more.

The problem is that I need to reach the district’s voters. It does not matter if the entire United States, excluding the district that I’m running, in and all of the European, African and Asian continents are supportive. It only matters who the voters support in the district support to bring huge numbers of new jobs to America. Only citizens’ vote, and only those in the district that I’m running in. It only matters which box they check on election day in the primary and general elections.

After all, every employable person wants a well paid job to provide for his or her family. I can provide those jobs if elected, so please do your part and start forwarding my website links to everyone you know, especially if they live in any of these districts.

As you’ve read above, and in my other articles, a disastrous dollar collapse will severely damage our nation, and you may lose your job. Millions of Americans will; you may be one of them. So if you want to keep your job, please support my campaign.

Just as bad, our government will probably enact “means testing” for Social Security recipients, so you may not get your Social Security income either. If our government says you don’t need it, you won’t get it.

Our government’s ability to print unlimited amounts of money via the Federal Reserve will vanish. Foreign governments will be very cautious about buying U.S. debt. We’ll be in serious trouble.

I can stop that if I have a vote after forming a caucus in Washington. Together we’ll make this century golden for America.

I get lots of messages from the public approving of what I want to do. If just fifty percent of the U.S. readers gave $20, then I would have a huge amount of money to help me win and fix our nation’s problems.It takes an average of $1.6 million to win.With your donation I can spread the word to more voters who will make a difference in my races, the voters who live in the districts that I’m running in. So please help out and give $20 or more. If you want a voice for the public in Washington, then please do your part.


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